Alclair ESM Thirteen Driver Custom In-Ear Monitor

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Product Overview

The ESM has all the components of the ultimate stage and listening monitor. An expertly crafted combination of balanced armature and electrostatic drivers make this thirteen driver hybrid a first in class, world-class, flagship custom in ear monitor.

The ESM is the widest, clearest, most detailed in-ear monitor on the market. Designed to be dynamic and fun to use, it has a contour that injects energy and feel into live and recorded music. The electrostatic drivers let you hear every detail from reverbs to the type of mic used in a recording. It’s the most stunning, smile-inducing, head bobbing monitor we’ve heard.


Starting at the bottom of the sound spectrum, the ESM features four balanced armature woofers that provide massive amounts of headroom (important for drummers and bass players) and robust round lows. It can be punchy or bass-heavy depending on the source material. Four balanced armature mid-range drivers provide rich and detailed mids. A single balanced armature tweeter adds presence and fills out the upper end. And now, the magic – four electrostatic drivers.


An electrostatic driver is quick and fast making them ideal tweeters. In the ESM, these drivers serve the role of emphasizing detail. This provides an immaculate reproduction of every single sonic characteristic. They also contribute to the soundstage (which is another way of saying width, or stereo image) without adding unwanted brightness or harshness. This results in a wide presentation of your music.  Sounds can be heard not just left or right but front and back as well. This all adds up to making the ESM the ultimate stage and listening monitor.

Typical Users

The ESM is the ultimate stage monitor and for those who love a bit of feel, the ultimate listening monitor. Bass players and drummers who need available low end and loads of headroom, the ESM is the ultimate drum and bass monitor. Singers and guitarists who want to hear every nuance, keyboard players who need a wide range, worship leaders and MDs who need a wide soundstage... it really is the best in ear monitor for most stage tasks.

Oh, and for listening... it's just a dream. the huge sound stage and width coupled with the unparalleled clarity will bring every recording to life.

  • Custom Haiti-Made Leather Case
  • Cleaning Tool
  • 1/4” Adapter

Thirteen Drivers

  • Four Balanced Armature Woofers
  • Four Balanced Armature Mid-Range Drivers
  • One Balanced Armature Tweeter
  • Four Upper-End Electrostatic Drivers
CROSSOVER 4-Way Crossover
SENSITIVITY 110 dB SPL Input Sensitivity (@100mV)
BORES Four Bore
NOISE REDUCTION -26dB Noise Reduction


(No reviews yet) Write a Review