Alclair REVX Ten Driver Custom In-ear Monitor

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Product Overview

The RevX ten driver is a bit of a chameleon. A chameleon the size of Godzilla. With 4 low end drivers, 4 mid drivers, a tweeter and a super tweeter, the RevX is not overly bassy or bright as might be expected. The massive amounts of headroom mean that when the music has thunderous lows… you get thunderous lows.

With deeply extended and round lows, detailed mids and articulate highs, the RevX ten driver is our most versatile monitor. You might call it the ultimate in ear monitor. We do. Be inspired by the energy of the RevX. It encourages great performances, drawing out inspiration.

The RevX ten driver is also perfect for those who love listening to music of all types. It brings out details in music that were previously missed. The beater thwack of a kick, the twang of a spring reverb, the subtle harmonics of a bow… not only is the RevX the ultimate in ear monitor, it’s also the ultimate listening headphone.

The RevX does so many things well, it’s hard to recommend an alternate. If you need low end headroom with less of a hit to the wallet, the Spire six driver or CMVK five driver will do the trick. For more balance in the studio, the Studio4 quad driver is the way to go.

Typical Users

The RevX is a masterclass in versatility. Can we say ultimate in ear monitor one more time? Bass players, drummers and DJs love that they can throw any amount of low end at it and the RevX responds "give me more." Keyboardists and guitar players find the rich detail makes their tone come alive. The upper-mids and highs excite vocalists looking for their vocals to jump out of the mix. Music listeners? Detail and clarity with space and depth accompany the low end thats just waiting for you to press play on that latest club banger.

  • Haiti Made Custom Leather Case
  • 50″ Black or Clear Cable, Made in USA
  • Cleaning Tool
  • 1/4” Adapter
DRIVERS Ten Balanced Armature Drivers
CROSSOVER Four Way Crossover
SENSITIVITY 104dB at 1Khz (100mv)
111dB at Peak (100mv)
BORES Four Bores
NOISE REDUCTION -26dB Noise Reduction


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