Do I need any other equipment to make them work?

If listening to music, simply plug the cable into any iPod, MP3 player or portable media device to enjoy your music. If performing live onstage or rehearsing you will need a wireless transmission system. Our associate company Forefront Productions is an authorised dealer for Sennheiser, and can provide you with their full product line. Click here for more information, or call Forefront to speak with a specialist who will help you design your full stage system.


Do we supply Custom Personal Monitors to anywhere in Australia?

Yes. You can purchase our Custom Personal Monitors from anywhere in the country, by placing your order direct through our online store. Our prices include shipping to your door. All taxes, customs, duties and landing fee's are included in the sale price - there's no more to pay*

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the fluctuating dollar, we can only hold your order for 14 business days in which time we need to receive your impressions and payment.

Should we not receive your impressions and/or payment with that timeframe, your order will be cancelled and will need to be resubmitted when you are ready to send your impressions and payment and will be subject to the price at the time and to this rule.


Do I need or want the passive ambient feature for my customs?

The passive ambient feature allows environmental or outside noise to mix in with the music. Noise isolation is reduced from 26dB to 12dB. This is designed primarily to aid professional stage musicians transitioning from traditional wedge speakers to in-ear monitors. Once the artist becomes comfortable with in-ear monitors, the ambient port is sealed. Our experience is less than 5% of artists use this feature.


How long does it take to manufacture a Custom Personal Monitor?

Alclair - Usually 45 - 60 business days (9-11 weeks) from the time we receive your impressions.

These time frames are a guide only. During peak times, the manufacturing time may be an extra 2 - 3 weeks. Orders can also be delayed due to shipping and customs hold ups. 

If you require your custom IEM's faster, you can pay for a 'Lab Rush' which will have your IEM's manufactured with priority at the lab. Please call to speak with a service representative if you wish to pursue this option.

Please note: We do not receive updates from the manufacturer on the progression of your order. After we notify you that your impressions have been sent to the manufacturer, the next update you will receive is when your completed order has been shipped.


Does Earzone keep the ear impressions or send them back with the order?

Your ear impressions are digitally scanned and the originals kept on file with the manufacturer. We do not send back impressions. After two years, we advise you to get new ear impressions for proper future fit.


What if my earpieces are defective?

It's highly unlikely, but it could happen. Alclair offers a 1 YEAR parts and labour warranty against manufacturing defects (unless specified differently) on all earpieces (cables and accessories not included). Contact us for further information. Warranty does NOT extend to shipping or damage caused by misuse. Shipping for repairs (including warranty) is payable by you, the customer.


What if my earpieces need a refit?

Your custom in ear monitors are made directly from the impressions you supply so it's important that your Audiologist follows the impression instructions exactly as requested to ensure a proper fit. It's not uncommon for them to feel a little tight at first. Wear them enough to let your ears adjust.

Alclair offers a 30 DAY fitment guarantee so if they do need adjusting, send them back to us and we'll send them back to the lab for adjusting. A shipping and administration fee of $65 is payable prior which covers shipping costs to the USA, customs documentation administration, domestic shipping back to you and any other associated cost. Please note this fee may change without notice due to fluctuation in the US dollar.

Alternatively, you may deal directly with the manufacturer and arrange your own shipping.


What if my music doesn’t sound right?

If you are experiencing problems with your custom personal monitors such as intermittent sound, lack of sound in one earphone, static or distortion the problem may lie within the cable and not the ear-pieces themselves. To fix this problem, detach the cable where the cable and earphone meet. Hold on to the thickest part of the cable and the earphone. Apply a little pressure and pull the cable out. Once the cable has been removed, reverse the cables and insert back into the earphones. If the same problem transposes to the different ear, the problem is within the cable and a new cable will need to be ordered.


How do I insert my Custom In Ear Monitors?


How should I look after my customs?

Wax can build up inside your IEM's so take the time to clean them after each use with the wax cleaning tool. 

You'll need to have some impressions of your ears made to use these Custom IEM's.


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