Ordering Process

So I know which Custom In-Ear Monitors I want....

Now what?

1) First off, you are going to need to get some ear impressions made as the shell of a custom IEM is based of your actual ear shape so it can create a tight seal which helps with the noise reduction as well as bass reproduction in your ear. Don't have an Audiologist? Click here for a list of Australian Audiologist clinics. *Earzone has no affiliation with any of the audiologists listed.

Don't forget to take your Ear Impressions Instructions Sheet so that your impressions are taken correctly the first time. If you forget to bring the instructions, and the impressions are taken wrong by the audiologist, it will mean that you will have to get them retaken, PLUS an additional $65 shipping fee to resend the impressions to the LAB.

2) Now that you have your impressions, it's time to place the order. Once the order has been made, you will be emailed an order number. You will need to write this number on the box that your impressions come in. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT OR YOUR IMPRESSIONS MAY BE LOST! Send in your impressions to our address which can be found on the Ear Impressions Instructions Sheet.

3) Sit back, relax, listen to your current favourite earphone. It will take between 2 and 6 weeks for your IEMs to be manufactured and sent back to you. We will keep you updated on its progress as best we can, but please note we 

4) Your new IEM's arrive, throw away your old earphones, you will never want to use them again!

If you do have any questions, just send us a message or give us a call HERE.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the fluctuating dollar, we can only hold your order for 14 business days in which time we need to receive your impressions and payment.

Should we not receive your impressions and/or payment within that timeframe, your order will be cancelled and will need to be resubmitted when you are ready to send your impressions and payment and will be subject to the price at the time and to this rule.